Passion Led Us Here-Northeast Region Pest Control LLC


How It All Started

In 2017 I opened this company… "20+ years experience working for another pest control company in Rhode Island...

I love the outdoors and spend my summers targeting the extreme pests in the Rhode Island. In the early 2000's, I would frequently dive into the local pest control issues scooping out all the insects & rodents I could find. I am so adventurous and really love what pest control has to offer.

During my late teens and early twenties, I worked for NE Pest Control as a Service Technician and held the title for being THE best Service Tech in New England. 


With my son the way,I was studying to pursue his true passion for the outdoors. This new path turned out to be a pest control certification career .

What Keeps Me Motivated

In 2012, I took over a local pest control family business. I recognized a need for a safe and effective alternative to synthetic pesticides, so we gave the company a face lift and embraced an Eco-friendly approach to pest control.


Since then, it has become my mission to change the industry standard and raise the bar for pest control professionals. To do this, I’ve created a proven process that safely eliminates pest infestations and prevents future ones from occurring, while reducing our carbon footprint. My next step is to share it with the pest control community.

What I Am Most Looking Forward To

I am most looking forward to the growth of Northeast Region Pest Control. The reason being, I plan to leverage our reach to educate and encourage Rhode Islanders to go green. I want everyone to be aware of the chemicals they expose themselves to and the impact it has on our environment, which means my position will naturally evolve from an owner-operator to an educator.


Luckily, I’ve already taken the first steps by working with the Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce to limit the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in schools, parks, and other sensitive areas. 

George DeMedeiros-Prsident Of Northeast Region Pest Control LLC


George DeMedeiros
Northeast Region Pest Control LLC
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