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Proactive Service For Commercial Customers

Are you a property manager or business owner in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Eastern North Connecticut? Whether your property is an office, apartment complex, store, or restaurant, a pest problem will be detrimental to your bottom line. You need to take proactive steps to prevent damage to your property and your business’ reputation.

Since pests and bugs are not a one-time problem, it’s best to have preventative spraying and other pest control measures applied on a regular basis. At Northeast Region Pest Control LLC, we help commercial customers by:

  • Evaluating your property,

  • Identifying risks before they turn into problems,

  • Partnering with you to treat and protect your valuable property.

For Food Service Establishments

If you own or manage a restaurant or other dining establishment, keeping your space clean and pest-free isn’t just a perk, it’s a requirement for remaining in business. Laws vary by county and state, but similar rules also apply to food distribution facilities. A poor health grade or sanitation rating from the county or state can shut your business down and quickly ruin your reputation. That means you must prevent pests from entering your establishment, and the best way to do that is to invest in commercial pest control.

For Landlords or Commercial Property Managers

If you manage rental homes, apartments, or commercial property, the last thing you want to do is drive away your valuable tenants. In Rhode Island, tenants have rights under the law set by the RI Department of Justice. While pest control is not a specific requirement, part 10 of the RI DOJ document entitled “Landlords Maintenance and Repair Duties” states that landlords/owners have a “duty to put and keep premises in a fit and habitable condition.” Don’t endanger the health of your tenants and the value of your property by neglecting regular pest control measures.

At Northeast Region Pest Control LLC in Rhode Island, we are committed to helping commercial companies remain pest-and odor-free. Let us help you be proactive with pest control, rather than reactive, after a problem has already occurred. Call us today at 401-390-2080 for a free evaluation of your commercial property and a free estimate for service.

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