Know The Signs Of Termite Activity On Your Property

Are you concerned about termites? You have good reason to be concerned because termites are extremely common in Rhode Island. Did you know that approximately 10-12 termite colonies can be found per acre? Having termites on your property is not a sign of poor maintenance because they are nearly everywhere, but seeing them should serve as a warning to you that they are nearby and can threaten your home.

In Providence and the surrounding areas of Rhode Island, the primary type of termite is the subterranean termite. These termites live below ground and will invade woody structures from the ground up. According to the RI State Department of Entomology, “termites are the major wood-destroying structural pests in the southern United States.” They estimate that nearly $2 billion is spent per year in the U.S. to control termites.

It is important to know the warning signs of termite activity so you can be aware if they make an appearance on your property. Here are the most common signs:

  • Swarms: Occasionally, subterranean termites will swarm, or fly around in a group, on a sunny day. Usually, this is seen outdoors near a food source, such as a dead tree stump. If you see a swarm indoors, then your structure has an infestation.

  • Mud tubes: Unlike most other common southern insects, termites do not travel around in the open air. When they travel above ground, termites will construct small, thin, hollow tubes that look like dried mud. When these tubes appear on a home’s foundation, in the crawl space, or around joints in the walls, this means termites were present. Old abandoned tubes can be re-used by ter