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Get Your Home Ready For Holiday Guests!

It’s the peak of the fall season and at Northeast Region Pest Control LLC, in Rhode Island, we are really enjoying the cooler temperatures and the changing leaves! At this time of year, we begin to realize that the holidays are right around the corner. Are you expecting guests for any of the upcoming holiday celebrations? Follow our tips for getting your home ready for guests and not pests!


  • Make sure your home and property has curbside appeal. First impressions matter! Eliminate piles of debris or old wood piles and rake up fallen leaves. Bugs and snakes love to live in wood piles and termites are attracted to dead wood. Pests and spiders also love a damp leaf pile. Make sure all these temptations are far from your home so you don’t have uninvited guests come in!

  • The last type of visitor you want at your holiday meal is a mouse or rodent! But as temperatures drop, rats and mice seek warmth inside. Check the outside perimeter of your home for any gaps or holes. Seal any openings with outdoor-quality expandable foam, wire mesh, or concrete. If rodents are already an issue at your house, it’s time to call the professionals to locate the entry points and seal them up. You will want a professional pest control company to eliminate the nests and exterminate the rodents.

  • Make your front door attractive with a simple wreath. Sweep your steps and stoop to eliminate anything that could trip a guest.


  • Check your table linens a few days before your holiday feast. If they’ve been in storage all year, they probably have a musty smell and may be harboring dust mites. Give them a good washing in the warmest water your linens can handle.

  • Get your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company. Carpets are usually the number one source of odors in a home, especially if you have pets. Add a rug over any area with stains.

  • De-clutter and put away as much as possible. This will also make cleaning and dusting easier. Clutter often gives bugs (especially cockroaches) a great place to hide inside. Stock up on baskets for organizing mail and keys, magazines, toys, etc.

  • If your guests are staying overnight, check out the tub and shower in your guest bathroom. If the grout is looking worn or stained, guests will notice. You don’t need to hire a pro to re-grout your bath, this is a great weekend DIY project.

  • In your guest room, keep it simple. Guests really appreciate easy touches like a luggage rack, a few empty hangers in the closet, and a lamp on the bedside table. Another nice touch is to provide guests with mini toiletries, like the ones in hotels.

  • Last but not least, make sure you are up-to-date with your standard pest control services to keep the bugs out.

From all of us at Northeast Region Pest Control LLC in Scituate Rhode Island, best wishes for a fun holiday season with family and friends! Any time you would like a free estimate on any of our residential pest control services, give us a call at 401-390-2080.

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